The Comic Factory

There is a right and a wrong place to shop for geeky collectibles in this universe, and when you see all the awesome stuff this site has, the distinction will not be hard to make.

Thus spoke Superman.

Or at least we hope that this is what he would say if he saw all the drool-worthy things our online store is crammed with. And why wouldn’t he? One never stops being a child, after all, does one? There surely is a part of you that walks into a toy store and remembers the pure joy of perusing shelf upon shelf of endless treasures. At The Comic Factory, you can now spend hours doing the same from the comfort of your own home. We believe in bringing the best to the comic book aficionados, otakus, and geeks of the country, and give them all that their hearts desire – ready to be picked and shipped in a jiffy!


Well, we have an answer for that in true Batman fashion. You see, it’s not so much as what we do, as what we sell that defines us. And that means cool collectibles, memorabilia, and handpicked, curated merchandise from the best names in the world.

Global goodies. Really?

Oh, yes! Here, check out our inventory of awesomeness:

Action Figures and Collectibles
Whether it is Thor’s hammer Mjolnir that you are searching for to complete a Cosplay attire, or a Tardis-shaped mug to drink your morning coffee from, we have an amazing collection of action figures for your every need.

Comic Books
Do you feel jealous every time Sheldon Cooper brandishes his mint editions around on TV? Well, hurt no more, because here on The Comic Factory you can buy the latest comics without standing in long queues forever.

Thoughts of world domination need to be written down safely lest they fall into the wrong hands. Our collection of comic book inspired stationery lets you do exactly that. Hulk journals, Spiderman notebooks, Batman bookmarks – there’s something for everyone.

Posters and Canvas

Graphic prints and canvas posters of your favorite heroes to adorn your walls or to give as gifts to your comic buddy. Who would say no to that?

Kickass phone cases and decals for your gizmos to protect them from harm. Because when the whole world is watching you, you should never be anything less than fabulous *wink wink*

Is that all?

Nah, not even close. There’s so much more we offer, like the Comic Box. We know how badly one needs their comic book fix, so we came up with a subscription idea wherein you choose from the monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual plans and we then send you a selection of assorted products based on your favorite characters.

Wait! This is still not it. Our store is meant for the BIG kids; adults who love to pamper the child within. We would love nothing more than to put collectors together and see them bond over their mutual love for fantasy, heroism, action figures, and collectibles. For more on this Collectors’ League, head here.